Santa Elisa Pachup


Finca Santa Elisa has time and time again, proven to produce an exceptional cup. It has received many accolades in its history, runner up in the 2007 Guatemalan Cup of Excellence, 2008 it came in 5th in the contest and in 2009 it won second place in Rainforest Alliance´s “Cupping for Quality” event.
Many generations of coffee growers have been lured by the sweeping views of the Acatenango and Fire Volcanoes to the Acatenango Valley. The region has perfect conditions for growing coffee, It is characterized by a warm dry climate without a well-defined cold season, cloudiness, high humidity and temperatures ranging between 10 and 30 degrees. The annual precipitations exceed the 4,000 millimeters distributed and presents around all year long.
Mesmerized by the diversity of the flora and fauna of the area, the plantation managers have adopted a model of Agro-Sustainability to manage the farm in an effort to preserve the natural environment. The plantation sits in a 360 hectare property of which 91 ha. are preserved as natural forest and for reforestation with cypress.