Here at Coex Specialty we are driven to not only find exceptional coffees but we are committed to work year round alongside producers to improve the quality and yield of their farms. Backed with over 40 years of experience from our sister company COEX in producing, milling and exporting commercial grade coffee, we start a new chapter with the goal to provide the best specialty coffee from each of the origins that we currently operate in: El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.


Our company holds three main core values: TRANSPARENCY, QUALITY and TRACEABILITY. We implement these values in every aspect of our work to promote a true sustainable supply chain.


Most of our offerings are fully processed in our mills which ensure that the quality created in the fields is maintained and enhanced following our rigorous quality control systems. Every lot has its journey recorded and analyzed by our team in order to maintain its traceability.


Join us in our journey as we discover Central America’s finest coffees…